Spaceage Space Age Plastics Inc Lake Ariel PA 18436. Religious Catholic saint statues. Outdoor religious saints statutory for lawn and garden. A statue for every budget.
Saint Francis of Assisi.
Preserve the spirit of your faith with a symbol of religious devotion. Our commitment to quality is reflected throughout this entire line of spiritual items. Religious statues are carefully crafted to complement your decorum. Pigment colored plastics are molded in an exclusive process, for years of lasting use. Whatever the occasion, you'll find an inspirational item at an affordable price.
Saint Francis of Assisi religious indoor outdoor catholic saint statue.
Showcase your expression of faith with traditional religious statues. Every statue in our complete line stands for fine design, quality, and craftsmanship. A perfect gift for someone who really cares. For greater spiritual enhancement, may we reccommend a Grotto for 24" motiffs?
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Saint Francis of Assisi religious indoor outdoor catholic saint statue. spaceage plastics corp.
24" St. Francis of Assisi
Item Number: SAP 2410
religious statue catholic saint
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Item Number and Desc Displayed Above:
SAP 2410C Colored St Francis of Assisi, 24 inches tall.
catholic saint statue indoor outdoor
Also Available:
SAP 2410G Granite Look
SAP 2410W Natural White look
SAP 2410P Patina Look
SAP 2410B Bronze Look
SAP 2410WS Wood Look
SAP 7100GB Grotto for 24" Statues
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16" x 20" FRAMED
11" x 14" Print.
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Also avaliable in a 32" size. Click HERE.

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